The discovery journey is the premiere tool for churches who want to turn around from decline to thriving. This offers an in-depth analysis with prescriptions designed to jump-start any church towards being a soul-winning, disciple-making church.


Jesus’ Very Long Day

Jesus’ Very Long Day

I’ve noticed lately that our society is getting tired, and I am convinced that God has something better for us as citizens of the kingdom. Just pull up a chair and watch people. They run from paid work to housework to volunteer work, pushing every yellow light, taking...

None of us would ask for days like this, but most of us have them regularly. What would happen if we approached them like Jesus? 


CCLN Podcast – John Mark Comer on Spiritual Formation

Awaken Network Podcast

Rebuilders: Are we on the brink of a spiritual revival?

Rebuilders Podcast

Pentecostal Belonging

Why are you a Pentecostal? Is it history, present experience, future hope, or a combination of them all? If you dug out my baptism certificate, you would know that I was Christened Anglican. Mom returned to her childhood faith at a Pentecostal Sunday School when my...

Kingdom Economics: Forfeiting Power

We all want power in our lives. Whether it’s our workplace, our church, our direction, or even our relationships, the quest for power over such things feeds an inner need for security that often transcends logic. If I could only make my boss do this, or make my pastor...


One of the things I love most about working at the PAONL is the sense of belonging. I’m not sure what you envision when you think of walking in the doors at 57 Thorburn, but for me it is a family. Mary, Owen and Dave are more than just MDSI Team members. Owen and I...