Living Invitations

Living Invitations

To this day I still don’t know how he got my number. On the other end of the phone in the Summer of 2001 was a voice I didn’t recognize, inviting me to apply for a program called Master’s Commission of Eastern Canada, a 9-month discipleship program in Bay Robert’s,...

What did you imagine you would be doing NOW when you accepted Jesus’ invitation to follow Him?


Nicky Gumbel on the Priority of Evangelism


Mastering the Habits that Matter Most


Healthy Paradoxes of Thriving Churches

During my four years as Formission Director, I was given the mandate to notice and the gift of a broad perspective on how God is working in our province as I travelled to preach and plan with churches and leaders. I got to celebrate and promote some of those churches...

Pentecostal Practices Part 3: Sabbath

What would it mean to take up the long-forgotten Pentecostal Practice of Sabbath? Every Friday night for the past year or so in the Nippard house, there is a celebration. The laundry is done, the dishes are washed, a lavish dessert is brought to the table, and we...

Pentecostal Practices Part 2: Being Led by the Spirit

I realize the title is very broad. Being led by the Spirit is essentially what it means to follow Jesus. Maybe a story will help to clarify and narrow the definition I’m using here: Led by the Spirit: A Short Story I had just graduated Bible College and was working at...