Pentecostal Spirituality

Explore How 1 Corinthians Applies to the Pentecostal Christian

Session 1.1: A Survey of My Health

Paul’s letter to Corinth is an excellent example of the Apostle’s efforts to ensure that the church in Corinth was healthy, growing, and becoming spiritually mature. Much like the church today, however, the Corinthian church already had an understanding of what it meant to be “spiritual” – and their understanding did not always correspond with Paul’s.

Session 1.2: Unity within the Church

As we continue hearing from Paul’s instruction on quarrels within the body, we see that a church that is no longer unified runs the risk of completely misinterpreting what it means to be a believer in Jesus Christ. There is no place for disunity within the church body and Paul seeks to outline how God intends for believers to be unified.

Session 2.1: Avoiding Worldiness

In this session we begin by discussing what it means to live in unity as the Body of
Christ, and to live with an eternal perspective. After revisiting Paul’s three theological themes, we begin to examine the second of 7 foci, “test cases for morality”.

Session 2.2: How to Deal with Judgement

In this session we will continue our exploration of the second focus: Test Cases of Morality via Paul’s teaching on the incestuous man in Chapter 5. We also discuss the notion of “do not judge” relative to both the church and the world.

Session 3.1: Healthy Sexuality

In this session we begin by concluding Paul’s teaching on judging from chapter 5. In chapter 6 Paul focuses upon lawsuits among believers, as well as Christians and
prostitutes. As temples of the Holy Spirit, Christians must resist all forms of sexual
immorality. We then continue to chapter 7 where Paul discusses marriage, leading to a
brief introduction of chapter 8, Food Offered to Idols.

Session 3.2: Church is not about Us

In this session we look to Paul’s instruction on Food Offered to Idols in Chapter 8. We identify how this was applicable in Paul’s context, as well as exploring modern applications (Ch. 8, 9, & 10). We will see that there are three applications: grace vs. law, meaning of a “stumbling block”, and causing the weak to stumble, vs. making the strong mad.

Session 4.1: Holiness, Women & Worship

As we have already seen, there are some things that are okay for some and not okay
for others. In this session we continue to outline how we distinguish what is absolute
and what is not. We learn four questions that are necessary when discerning issues
not specifically addressed in scripture. We also discuss Paul’s teaching on head
coverings for women.

Session 4.2: The Lord's Supper

Today we begin our discussion with a brief response to God’s gift of gender and issues
arising in today’s culture. We then continue our study to see how the Lord’s Supper
and communion were originally intended for believers. The Passover meal plays a
huge part in understanding the proper context of the Lord’s Supper.

Session 5.1: Navigating Social Issues

In this session we answer a number of questions that were submitted, and begin our discussion of spiritual gifts.

Sessions 5.2: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In this session we continue our study on Spiritual Gifts. Paul introduces a new term for the church in Corinth and continues to outline how there is unity in diversity.

Session 6.1: In-Depth Look at Spiritual Gifts

In the last session we further explored spiritual Gifts, and continue that teaching in this session. We will introduce the first of nine Corinthian Gifts, wisdom. First we will take some time to address some questions that were submitted.

Session 6.2: In-Depth Look at Spiritual Gifts II

Today we continue outlining the nine Corinthians Gifts from Paul and his instruction to the church in Corinth. As we continue it is important to remember that there is still unity in diversity. The Gifts of the Spirit are used with great caution because of the great power displayed by God through specific individuals. Proper knowledge of the Gifts is necessary in order to discern the how, where and when they should be used.

Session 7.1: Review of 1 Corinthians

In this session we start with an overview of the material already discussed from
Chapters 1-12. As we remember what we have already studied, continue to challenge
yourself in areas that you may need some stretching. We conclude today with a brief
discussion on manifestations versus reactions, as well as unity within the body.

Session 7.2: Review of 1 Corinthians II

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